Comic Burst Mirror

By  Lauren DiSanza  for  Diamond Tech

size: 12"x12"

  • Comic Burst Mirror


  • Diamond Tech Jennifer’s Mosaic Studio Pro Stained Glass, one sheet each: White Opaque (G305), Royal Blue (G136), Yellow (GA160-1)
  • Mirrored glass, one sheet
  • Darice Pre-cut Wooden Frame, 12”x12” (with 4”x4” opening)
  • Hanger of choice


  • Diamond Tech Precision 2000 or Precision 2000 Deluxe Band Saw
  • Diamond Tech KraftyBlok Image Art Transfer Paper
  • Diamond Tech Jennifer’s Mosaics: White Grout, Terra Cotta Colorant (271), Wheeled Glass Nipper
  • Krylon White Primer
  • Computer with Microsoft Word and inkjet color printer
  • Oven
  • Gorilla Glue Gorilla Glue

Basic Supplies

  • paintbrush or sponge brush, graphite paper, container of water, pencil, mask, paper towels, ruler, black marker, newspaper (to cover work surface), safety glasses, disposable gloves, safety mask, soft cloth, tablespoon, craft stick

Pattern - Comic Burst Mirror

  • 1. Print out pattern. Enlarge pattern to fit frame if needed. Print pattern onto paper. Use graphite paper and pencil to transfer pattern onto frame.
  • 2. Set Precision 2000 for dry cuts with wood blade. (Note: Adjust blade guide arm to 1/4" above wood.) Wearing mask and safety glasses, cut along outlines of pattern around perimeter of frame. (Note: This pattern requires you to back out of several cuts. Always turn off saw, then gently coax blade out of cut. Reposition and continue cutting.) When finished, unplug saw and wipe dust from inside and outside of saw.
  • 3. Position frame on work surface. Apply primer to all surfaces of frame. Let dry.
  • 4. Follow manufacturer's instructions on image transfer paper for sizing, printing, and adhering decals. In Microsoft Word, use WordArt option and create decorative text at 75pt for "Zap," "Splat," "Pow," and "Boom." Print test sheet to ensure WordArt fits on frame. Resize if needed. Print WordArt onto image transfer paper in bright red, orange, and yellow inks. Once dry, cut around words leaving 1/8" border around each WordArt.
  • 5. Soak transfer in container of water for 15 seconds or until backing starts to slide from decal. Moisten top of White glass with water. Slide transfer from backing onto surface of glass. Use fingers to smooth decal while sliding away backing. Gently pat and smooth transfer with moist paper towel, eliminating air pockets and wrinkles. Repeat process for all four images, leaving approximately 1" between each word. Let dry overnight.
  • 6. Once dry, permanently set transfers by preheating conventional oven to 345°F. Place glass on baking rack with transfers facing up. Bake for 15 minutes. Open oven slightly and let transfers cool inside oven.
  • 7. Set Precision 2000 band saw for wet cuts. Follow Operations Manual to install diamond blade. Cut WordArt shapes from glass, leaving 1/8" border around each word. Position glass WordArt Shapes on frame at each of four corners; adhere in place.
  • 8. Stack and cut Yellow and Royal Blue sheet glass into six 3/8" pieces and three 1/2" pieces. Once strips are cut, use wheeled glass nipper to nip 3/8" strips into random-sized lengths. Use lengths to create border around frame, starting with Royal Blue glass. Repeat process for Yellow glass to create inner border. When positioning borders, leave 1/8" between each piece of glass both length and widthwise.
  • 9. Once border is set, apply thin layer of glue onto back of each piece. Firmly press each piece back into place on frame. Let dry. Alternate 1/2" Yellow and Royal Blue strips along sides of frame. Adhere into position and let dry.
  • 10. Cut remaining White sheet glass into random shapes and sizes ranging from 3/4"-2". Use glass pieces to fill in background around words and border. Use saw to cut mirror to 4-1/2"x4-1/2"; set aside.
  • 11. Follow manufacturer's instructions to measure and mix grout. Mix Terra Cotta colorant into water before adding to powdered grout. Add water to grout one tablespoon at a time until grout is "fudge-like" consistency. Wearing disposable gloves, use craft stick to spread grout into openings around glass and along outside edges. Avoid spreading grout over comic burst transfer shapes. Wait about 15 minutes for grout to set.
  • 12. Begin to wipe away excess grout using paper towel or sponge, taking care not to pull grout out of spaces. Avoid rubbing over transfer images. Remove all excess grout from tiles; let completely dry.
  • 13. Use soft cloth to buff tiles to clean shine. Allow 24 hours to dry. Adhere mirror inside frame opening. Let dry. Attach hanger onto back of frame.
  • Tip
  • 1. Always wear safety goggles when using glass-crafting tools. Everyday eyeglasses have only impact resistant lenses.