Mosaic Collage Mirror

By  Barbara Matthiessen 

Create a striking mosaic design for your hallway or entryway by recycling old keys and accenting with silver beads. The sturdy pine plaque is a great base for ceramic tiles and a small square mirror. Tailor your color scheme to complement your home décor, too.

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  • Mosaic Collage Mirror


  • Walnut Hollow Plaque, 9"x12"
  • Beveled-edge mirror, 4" square
  • Diamond Tech Jennifer's Mosaics 3/8" Light Blue Ceramic Tiles (MS707J)
  • Teal flat-backed glass marbles, 24
  • Silver-toned beads: dragonfly, four; daisy spacer, eight
  • Metal embellishments: keys, six; buttons, four
  • Heavy-duty sawtooth picture hanger


  • Tile nippers
  • Diamond Tech Jennifer's Mosaics Indoor/Outdoor White Powdered Grout, 1 lb.
  • Plaid FolkArt Wicker White Enamel
  • Grout sealant
  • Beacon Adhesives Gem-Tac Permanent Adhesive

Basic Supplies

  • gloves, mask, mixing container and stick, water bucket, sponge, hammer, drill and bit, masking tape, craft stick, soft cloth, paintbrush
  • Size
  • 1. Size is 9"x12"
  • Mirror
  • 1. Use drill to attach hanger onto back of plaque. Use hammer to remove button shanks.
  • 2. Position mirror on plaque and arrange embellishments as desired; adhere in place. Let cure 24 hours.
  • 3. Tape off mirror using masking tape. Follow manufacturer's instructions to prepare grout. (Note: Wear protective mask and gloves for safety.) Smooth grout over plaque using craft stick, working into grooves and covering edges. Wipe off excess grout, smoothing away from buttons, beads, and keys.
  • 4. Wipe plaque and smooth edges with damp sponge until excess grout is removed, rinsing sponge in water bucket as needed. Let cure 24 hours.
  • 5. Buff tiles with soft cloth. Apply sealer. Paint plaque edges Wicker White. Let dry.
  • Tip
  • 1. Apply grout to surface using a paint stick, tool, or your gloved hands. Use side of gloved hand to wipe excess grout off surface. Use fingers or palette knife to smooth and pack grout around edges.
  • 2. Always rinse sponge in water bucket. Do not rinse in sink as some grouts can plug your plumbing. Pour grout water onto gravel area outside to dispose.