Mosaic Tile Frame

for  Craft Marketing Connections, inc.

Create a classy-looking frame in under two hours using a mosaic tile sheet. In fact, use leftover tiles you might have from home improvement jobs to coordinate your look!

  • Mosaic Tile Frame


  • Elmer’s Foam Board: 20”x30”x1/2” Black on Black
  • Squares: earth-tones of ceramic/glass/slate
  • Tan mosaic grout
  • Sepia tone photos: 4”, 4”x6”
  • Large paper clips, two (hangers)


  • Elmer’s X-ACTO Products: #1 Craft Knife, 12”x12” Self Healing Cutting Mat, 12” Metal Ruler, 8” Scissors
  • Elmer’s CraftBond All Purpose Glue Stick
  • Glue gun and sticks

Basic Supplies

  • pencil, transparent tape, newspaper, disposable plastic container, old table knife, old rubber spatula or pieces of cardboard, sponge, paper towels, heavy books, disposable gloves
  • Size
  • 1. Frame is 12"x12".
  • Mosaic Tile Frame
  • 1. Position 12"x12" mosaic tile sheet on self healing cutting mat. Determine where photo openings should be for 3-1/2"x4-3/4" rectangle and 3-1/2" square. To cut openings, insert craft knife down between tiles to cut plastic grid as close to tiles as possible.
  • 2. Carefully remove tile sheet, position onto corner of foam board, and place onto cutting mat. Smooth and align tile sheet on two straight sides of foam board. Use pencil to trace around tile sheet on other two sides and photo openings. Carefully remove tile sheet. Use metal ruler and craft knife on cutting mat to cut out foam board photo openings.
  • 3. Apply glue stick to foam board and press tiles onto it, aligning edges. Along top edge of frame, peel back tile and hot glue border to secure. To prevent warping, place foam board frame between several layers of newspapers; press with heavy books until dry. Remove books. Set frame back on newspaper.
  • 4. Wearing gloves, mix grout in plastic container following manufacturer's instructions until paste-like consistency. Use table knife to spoon grout onto frame, tapping top of tile to jiggle and move grout down into areas between tiles. Use knife to spread grout onto sides of frame and photo openings, pressing grout into foam. Use spatula or cardboard pieces to smooth away extra grout, wiping at angle. Use sponge to remove excess grout from frame front, sides, and photo opening.
  • 5. Position frame on clean newspaper. Use damp sponge to wipe dust from tiles. Weight frame with books; let dry overnight. Use soft cloth to remove any dust.
  • 6. Tape photos behind frame. For hanger, measure and mark 2-1/2" down and 2" from each side on back of frame. Use craft knife to make 1/4"-long horizontal slit on each mark. Insert knife blade into slit, angled toward top; remove. Separate curved ends of paper clip 1/4". Insert shorter end into slit, creating hanger loop with longer ends.