Mosaic Mini Wall Mirror

By  Meredith Downs 

size: 9"

  • Mosaic Mini Wall Mirror


  • Recycled aluminum pie plate, 9”
  • Round glass mirror, 5”
  • White shells, sea glass, black stones, black beads
  • White grout
  • Recycled cardboard, 6” circles, two
  • Heavy-duty wire, 12” length


  • Tile nippers
  • White acrylic paint
  • Clear silicone glue

Basic Supplies

  • paintbrush, grout sponge, scissors, gloves, disposable container, craft stick
  • 1. Position recycled pie plate right side up on work surface. Adhere two 6" cardboard circles into bottom of plate (to reinforce). Let dry. Turn plate upside down. Center and adhere mirror onto bottom of plate.
  • 2. Adhere, leaving spaces between each: black stones around mirror; shells around plate edges; beach glass between shells; black beads around rim. Use tile nippers to trim objects. Let dry overnight.
  • 3. Wearing gloves, follow manufacturer's instructions to mix grout. Apply grout with craft stick over all areas. Let set. Use grout sponge to wipe excess grout. Let dry. Use soft cloth to wipe dust.
  • 4. Paint edges of plate white. Let dry. Fold wire in tight "u"-shape. Adhere wire ends to inside of plate. Let dry.