Harvest Votives

By  Jeanne Baruth  for  Diamond Tech

  • Harvest Votives
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  • Brown long-neck bottles, three
  • Jennifer's Mosaic Assorted Cathedral Glass Chips*, 1 pkg.
  • Copper/Black-lined Stained Glass Foiling Tape*, 1/4"x33m
  • Votives (flameless or conventional), three


  • Jennifer's Mosaic Wheeled Glass Nippers*
  • Bottle Cutter (Generation Green)
  • Clear silicone adhesive
  • Glass cleaner
  • Soft cloth
  • *Products by Diamond Tech

Basic Supplies

  • tape

Pattern - Harvest Votives

  • 1. Clean and remove the labels from bottles. Read and follow the Generation Green bottle cutter instructions. Measure and mark all three bottles, from the bottom one at 3-3/4", one at 3-1/2" and one at 3". Score at marks and separate the bottles following bottle cutter instructions. Polish all at the separations.
  • 2. Print out pattern. Adjust size of pattern to fit on side of bottle and print (votive base). Cut out one leaf and tape it inside of votive base so image is facing out. Repeat for remaining two votives. Set bases side by side to view alignment of leaves. Once satisfied with placement of patterns, apply stained glass.
  • 3. Nip stained glass chips into small pieces with a wheeled glass nipper. Apply a small amount of adhesive to back of each piece and press onto surface of votive base to fill leaf pattern. Continue this process on remaining bases. (Note: Round objects can be challenging to mosaic. Work on a bag filled with rice or dried beans. Let glue to dry according to manufacturer's recommendation.)
  • 4. Remove patterns and tape from votive holders. Clean glass dry with a soft cloth.
  • 5. To finish the edges of cut bottles, use copper foil tape. Pull a length of tape from spool and remove backing paper. Position glass on sticky side of tape, centering cut rim of glass on foil. Fold foil over the rim and burnish (gently press) tape to glass using a fid or the edge of a pencil. This will secure the tape to glass. Apply an additional piece of foil around the rim. Apply the base band using the same technique. Burnish each application of foil. (Note: Apply foil as shown in photo or any other design combination. Try multiple rows, squares, diamonds, dots, or any combination thereof.)
  • 6. Place embellished votive holder on a flat surface with open side down. Apply a bead of silicone adhesive to the bottom center. Place neck of bottle into adhesive (narrow opening down) and let dry according to manufacturer's instructions.
  • 7. Once dry, turn votives over, insert a candle into each holder and enjoy.