Ribbon Box

Use Grafix Artist-tac and ribbons to create a crafty storage box.
By  TamiSanders for Grafix 


Chip box

Assorted ribbons


Grafix Artist-tac

Bone folder




*Tip: Artist-tac adhesive is repositionable until furnished and set.


1. Measure length of lid.

2. Cut ribbons about 1” longer than measurement and lay on lid to determine how many ribbons are needed to cover it.

3. Remove backing from Artist-tac Sheet; reserve backing. Lay ribbons out on Artist-tac Sheet. Cover ribbons with reserved backing sheet; press and smooth with bone folder to transfer adhesive to backs of ribbons.

4. Begin adhering ribbons to lid, burnishing with bone folder as you go.

5. Once all ribbons have been adhered to lid, trim off excess ribbon at each end.

6. Wrap ribbon around edge of lid to determine length needed to cover, allowing about 1” overlap.

7. Cut ribbon at determined length; then transfer Artist-tac to back of ribbon as previously done in Step 3. (Ribbon will probably be too long to adhere adhesive in one piece. Just apply adhesive to one end, then reposition ribbon to apply adhesive to remainder.)

8. Adhere ribbon around edge of lid and burnish.

9. With lid on, measure height of box side from base to bottom of lid.

10. Varying lengths slightly, cut ribbons a little shorter than measurement and dovetail ends. Transfer Artist-tac to back of ribbon as previously done in Step 3.

11. Begin adhering ribbon flags around sides of box slightly below bottom edge of lid.

12. Repeat to adhere a ribbon around sides of box, just below bottom edge of lid, to cover ends of ribbon flags.