Picnic Party Mason Jar

These simple stripes and star designs are perfect for Fourth of July celebrations. Use etchall creme to create chic, subtle designs on glassware for picnics this Summer!
By  Julie McGuffee  for  etchall

size varies


Smooth Mason jars, quart

Baker’s twine 



etchall: Dip n’ Etch Liquid, Squeegee, Detail Pick Tool, Etchmask Adhesive Vinyl  

Small star lever punch

Empty 2-liter plastic bottle 



Craft knife



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1. Cut top off soda bottle and rinse bottle body thoroughly; save top portion to use later as funnel. Wash each jar with hot, soapy water. Rinse with vinegar to remove remaining residue.

2. Punch stars along bottom edge of Etchmask at equal intervals using star lever punch. Use punch upside down so Etchmask guidelines are visible for alignment.  

3. Use paper trimmer or craft knife and ruler to cut star strips, making sure star openings are centered. Cut three strips and additional strips as needed to go around jar.

4. To determine how much Dip’n Etch is needed, fill jar with glass pebbles or heavy items and place inside soda bottle as shown. Fill soda bottle with water up to jar rim. Remove jar and mark water level on bottle. Empty water from bottle and dry inside of soda bottle and outside of jar thoroughly. 


5. Remove backing from punched vinyl strips and place 1½” from bottom of jar. Place rolled piece of lined paper inside jar as a positioning guide or tape ¾” wide strip of paper around jar as a spacer. Make sure Etchmask strips are pressed firmly onto glass around star openings. 

6. Fill soda bottle with Dip’n Etch up to water level mark. Gently immerse jar into liquid so Dip’n Etch rises to rim. Leave for 15 minutes.

7. Carefully remove jar from container and remove weights. Place jar into bucket of water, rinse thoroughly and dry. 

8. For additional designs, adhere stars to second jar and ½” strips of Etchmask to third jar for patriotic trio. Immerse each jar in same Dip’n Etch and follow directions above. Dip’n Etch is reusable, so there’s no need to replace. 

9. When finished etching, use top portion of cut soda bottle as a funnel to return Dip’n Etch to original container.


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