Mason Jar Owl Lanterns

By  PLA Schneider  for  DecoArt Inc.



Mason jars, two 

Aluminum craft wire: orange, purple 

Thin silver craft wire 

Assorted beads


DecoArt Americana Frost Gloss Enamels: Turquoise, Orange; Gloss Enamels: Indian Turquoise, Bright Orange, Purple Cow, White, Black; DuraClear Ultra-Matte Varnish 

Cosmetic sponge 

Paintbrushes: small, medium 

Eclectic Products E6000 Adhesive 


Pencil and ruler 

Tracing and transfer paper 


Container of water

Paper towels

Rubbing alcohol

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Mason Jar Owl Lanterns Pattern

1. Wipe jars clean with paper towel and rubbing alcohol; let dry. Use cosmetic sponge to dab Orange Frost to one jar and Turquoise Frost to second jar. Cover entire jar as shown. 

Making Mason Jar Lanterns Frost Jar

2. Print full-size patterns. Place owl pattern inside jar and use medium paintbrush to paint head, chest and wings with Gloss Enamels Bright Orange on Orange Frost jar and Indian Turquoise on Turquoise Frost jar.

Making Owl Mason Jar Lanterns - Paint Owl

3. Create pastel versions of both Bright Orange and Indian Turquoise by mixing with Gloss Enamels White. Paint faces in pastel Bright Orange and pastel Indian Turquoise using medium paintbrush. Use same colors to add details to chest and wings with small brush as shown. 

Making Owl Mason Jar Lanterns - Paint Owl

4. Paint eyes on both owls Black using small paintbrush as shown. Line orange owl’s eyes and paint beak with Indian Turquoise. Line turquoise owl’s eyes and paint beak with Purple Cow. Paint White highlights to both beaks as shown. 

5. Wrap thin silver craft wire just below jar rim and create two loops on either side as shown. Make sure wire is secure and tight enough that it won’t slip over jar top. Add coordinating beads to orange and purple aluminum craft wire, bend into “U” shape and attach to silver loops for handle.

Making Owl Mason Jar Lanterns - Add Wire & Beadsl