Computer Grafix Butterfly Collection

Make a gorgeous vintage-inspired butterfly collection using Computer Grafix Inkjet transparency film. Place it in a shadowbox for classic elegance, or leave it unframed for shabby chic charm.
By  Maureen Wilson  

size varies


Computer Grafix Inkjet transparency film
Fabric: burlap or muslin 

Shadowbox with foam backing or foam-core poster board 


Ball-head straight pins
Adhesvies: hot glue gun & glue sticks; Glue Dots



1. Place foam board on top of fabric. Trim fabric 2” wider than foam board all around. Trim corners slightly at an angle to reduce bulk.
 Iron fabric with steam. If using burlap, spritz with water bottle before steaming.

2. Place fabric beneath foam board. Add line of hot glue on board back and then fold up fabric edge to adhere. Repeat for other three sides.

3. Create a free butterfly printable using vintage public domain images found on theGraphicsFairy.com. Find the PDF by searching for “butterfly printable”.  If available, set media option to transparency on print setting menu. Feed film into printer so that ink prints on rougher side. Print 12 butterflies, with two copies of each one, for a total of 24. Cut out two matching butterflies.

4. Fold one of the butterflies in half, creasing wings with rougher side facing up. Apply Glue Dot to middle of the body onto the smooth side. Adhere to rough side of matching butterfly. Bend wings on top butterfly upward.

5. Stich pin through center of butterfly. Repeat Step 5 to create as many butterflies as desired. Position and pin butterflies in a grid formation on fabric covered foam board.

6. Hang butterfly collection with poster mounting tape or insert into a shadowbox frame.