Joyful Santa Ornament

A perfect gift for the hostess or add one to your Christmas ornament collection. They are so easy to make, you'll want to create a new one every year!
By  Misty Grosse 


Book page

Tim Holtz: Ephemera Festive Pack, Baroque Frames, Christmas Token Charms

Suri ribbon 


Ice Resin: Plunger, Silver German Glass Glitter, Milan Bezel, Ruby Tint, Studio Sheet, Mixing cups and Stir Sticks

Ranger Perfect Pearl Pigment Powder

Tim Holtz Ball Chain

Rhinestone Chain

Jump Rings

Pliers: flat nose, round nose

Wire cutters

E6000 Adhesive 




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Project Instructions

1. Cut book page to fit in center of large baroque frame. Adhere page to back of frame. Adhere second large baroque frame to other side to make double-sided frame. Let dry.

2. Adhere Santa image from Ephemera Festive Pack to corner of bezel as shown. Adhere rhinestone chain around inside of bezel.

3. Add small amount of Silver German Glass Glitter to one mixing cup. Mix Ice Resin for 2½ minutes in another mixing cup. Slowly add small amount of Resin to German Glass Glitter to achieve wet sand consistency. Add mixture to Milan Bezel using stir stick. Gently push in resin so bezel edges aren’t covered. Add one drop of Ruby Tint to center of faux druzzy and let it disperse by itself. Set aside to cure for five to six hours. 

4. Attach two pieces together using jump rings. Add ball chain to top of ornament for hanging. Dust faux druzzy with Perfect Pearls for a softer look. Tie suri ribbon to top and bottom of baroque frame. Attach Typed Christmas Token Charm to bottom of ornament.