Wire Envelope Planter

Twist and fold hardware cloth to create this cute envelope planter for your little succulents!
By  Joan Martin Fee  



Hardware cloth, ½” squares
Galvanized wire, 28 gauge
Potting soil
Moss or sheet moss
Embellishments of choice


Tin snips or old garden shears

basic supplies


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1. Cut 10” square from hardware cloth using tin snips or old garden shears. Bend three corners to center of wire square to form envelope shape. 

2. To secure envelope, cut 18” piece of wire. Wrap wire starting at left bottom corner where two sections come together. “Stitch” two sections together using wire. Continue stitching to top where all three sides of square meet. Repeat on right side.

3. If using sheet moss, cut to fit inside envelope and carefully insert sheet moss into envelope. If using moss, poke moss slightly through holes in wire mesh in front and back of envelope. 

4. Fill envelope with potting soil and plant succulents. Apply desired embellishments. Water when envelope becomes dry.


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