Soda Can Owl

By  Kathleen George   for  The Dow Chemical Co.



Dow STYROFOAM Ball, 3”
Soda can, two
Wiggly eyes, 7mm, two


Silver acrylic paint
Stiff bristle brush
Low-temperature glue gun
X-acto knife
Metal skewer or other pointed tool

basic supplies

Old scissors
Protective work gloves
Serrated knife
Old candle or bar of soap
Cutting mat
Straight pins

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Patterns - Soda Can Owl 

1. Print full-size patterns. Cut out pattern and set aside. Wax serrated knife blade with bar of soap or an old candle. Cut small slice from bottom of 3” foam ball so it sits flat.

2. Paint foam ball silver and let dry.

3. Wearing protective gloves, carefully slice off top and bottom of two clean, empty soda cans using an X-acto knife or other utility knife.

4. Cut can top to bottom with old scissors and lay flat. Run washcloth over metal piece until flat. Trace pattern pieces from Step 1 onto patterned side of metal sheet. Cut out pattern pieces with old scissors.

5. Place cut metal pieces on pad of newspapers or cutting mat. Punch holes into metal pieces with metal skewer or other pointed tool.

6. Adhere three rows of eight onto bottom half of foam ball using adhesive and straight pins all the way around foam ball. Overlap each feather 1/8” horizontally and overlap feathers 3/8” vertically between rows.

7. Add three feathers centered across front as shown. Pin and adhere side wings and tail.

8. Adhere beak and two eyes. Insert eyebrow feathers into foam ball right behind beak.

9. Add additional feathers if needed. Adhere wiggly eyes as shown.  


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