Rain Chain

Hang this rain chain made from recycled glass bottles at the ends of your gutter to make rainy days more enjoyable.
By  Chandra Agostini   for  Diamond Tech

size varies


Glass bottles, seven
Wine bottle cork, seven
Single jack chain, 16 gauge, 32”
Tinned copper wire, 14 gauge
Transparent silicone caulk
Medium-large “S” hooks, two


Studio Pro Precision 2000 Hobby Saw
Dremel with Small Core Bit
Fireworks Safety Glasses
Wire cutters
Needle nose pliers, two

basic supplies

Black permanent marker
Lip balm or petroleum jelly

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1. Draw a variety of patterns on bottles using permanent marker. Cover all pattern lines with thin film of lip balm or petroleum jelly to protect pattern lines during cutting.

2. Wearing safety glasses, cut straight line ¼” below pattern line as shown. Cut lines into curves and tips of pattern as shown. Cut as close to the pattern line as you can with straight cuts, cutting off small rectangles as you go around the bottle as shown. Cut into curves at an angle following pattern lines completely. Once all curves are cut, cut off bottle cap portion in a straight line. Repeat Steps 1 & 2 until all bottles are cut.


3. Fit corks into bottle openings. They should fit snuggly when positioned with half the cork sticking out of cut opening. Take each cork out of bottle opening and drill hole through center.  Cut 5” piece of tinned wire and thread it through each cork, leaving even amounts of wire on either side. Twist ends of wire into swirl pattern going opposite directions on either end using nose pliers as shown. Push each cork back into each bottle.

4. Run a bead of caulk around top opening of cut bottles.  Bevel with finger for smooth edge. Repeat on each bottle. Let caulk dry according to manufacturer’s instructions.

5. Separate jack chain into eight 4” lengths using two needle nose pliers. Wrap and reclose first jack chain length around one “S” hook. Run other end of same chain to top of first bottle. Repeat this step to hook each bottle to the chain above and below the corks. Hook one more length of chain onto last bottle; attach “S” hook at bottom of chain for a balanced look.