Princess Canopy Bed

The fairy garden craze is here to stay! Craft a whimsical canopy bed for your mini palace.
By  Mike and Debbie Schramer 

size varies


Bark, wood or cardboard
Fabric scraps
Thick branches, four
Twigs, eight
Pussy willows, cattail down, moss or rose petals
Flowers, pods and leaves
Lace, leaf skeleton or fabric netting


Strong adhesive

basic supplies


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1. Cut rectangle from bark, wood or cardboard into size and shape of choice. Cut four thick branches for bed legs and four longer branches for bed posts.

2. Adhere bed legs to underside of rectangle.

3. Adhere four bed post branches to each corner of rectangle base as shown.

4. Brace legs by adhering twig rungs as shown.

5. Create bedding and pillow from thick moss, rose petals, cattail down or pussy willows. Make bedding look soft and fluffy. Cover any areas where adhesive shows with moss or flowers.

6. Connect four bed posts toward top. Adhere delicate tendrils from one bed post to another so that there are four branches supporting the canopy as shown.

7. Adhere lace, leaf skeleton or fabric netting for added interest. Tie to corners or hang down from bedding as desired.

Embellishing the canopy for your Princess Bed can be very artistic. Every part presents an opportunity to add flowers, grapevine tendrils, tiny shells, or polished stones. If you’ve gathered clematis or Virginia creeper vines, you can wrap them around the posts and the canopy. Have fun and make it look amazing! 

Reprinted with permission from Fairy House by Mike and Debbie Schramer, published by Familius, ©2015.