Concrete Candle Holders

Cover small inflated balloons with concrete to create these beautiful, rustic candle holders that look store bought!
By  Linda Swingle 

size varies


Beacon Makers Mix 3lb Container
Beacon Makers Mix Color Additives


Empty 12 oz plastic container
Glass marbles or gravel
Flexible rubber spatula
Flat soft brush, ¾”
Acrylic paint in colors of choice
Latex balloons, 5”, 7”
LED battery powered tea lights

basic supplies

Painter’s tape, ¾”
Vegetable oil
Paper towels
Measuring cup
Measuring spoons
Plastic mixing bowl
Rubber gloves
Dust mask

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(Note: Read all warnings and follow instructions posted on Makers Mix package label before starting this project.)

1. Cover work area with newspaper. Fill 1/3 of plastic container with glass marbles or gravel.

2. Inflate 5” balloon to capacity then release small amount of air so balloon is slightly flexible. Tie knot at end of balloon to secure. Gently press top and bottom of balloon to reshape and eliminate elongated shape. Set balloon with knotted end down into opening of plastic container. Secure lower portion of balloon onto container with painter’s tape.

3. Place one cup Makers Mix powder into plastic mixing bowl. Add two teaspoons Makers Mix Colorant to mix and gently blend together with spatula. Create a well in center of powder with spatula.

4. Scoop up half of the mix from Step 3 with gloved hand and gently place directly on top of secured balloon from Step 2. Begin by gently patting mixture down and spread it around the top and slightly down sides keeping mixture ¼” thick. Do not spread mixture too thin. 

5. Continue adding wet mixture to sides of balloon and toward the bottom of balloon. Keep mixture away from tape and container rim. Let dry.

6. Once sphere has set, remove tape from balloon. Turn sphere upright and pop balloon. Paint and decorate as desired. Use LED battery powered tea lights to illuminate interior. Repeat with 7” balloon for larger sphere.

Once tools are exposed and used for concrete work, never use for food preparation and never use with other art mediums due to the chemicals associated with powder concrete mixes.