Chenille Notebook

Create a unique, colorful design for your notebooks using chenile stems and adhesive!
By  Linda Valentino  



  • Composition notebook, 7½”x9¾”
  • Chenille stems: eleven green, eight pink, eight orange, eight blue
  • Printed High Impact Duck Tape
  • White foam letter stickers, 1½”


  • API’s Crafters Pick The Ultimate Tacky Glue

basic supplies

  • Scissors

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Project Instructions

1. Cut 9¾” strip of High Impact Duck Tape and adhere to binding of notebook. Cut all pink, orange, blue, and 7 green chenille stems to 9½”.

2. Beginning on right side of notebook, adhere one uncut green stem along edge with ends extending 1” off top and bottom of notebook. Working right to left, adhere cut chenille stems to notebook, alternating colors.  End with uncut green stem on left side with ends extending 1” off top and bottom of notebook.

3. Bend ends of uncut green stems around top and bottom edges; adhere. Cut remaining green stems to fit top and bottom edges and adhere.

4. Adhere letters to front of notebook.