Autumn Leaves Decoration

Bend, twist and wrap colorful wire to create unique autumn leaves.
By  Katrina Burkett for Cousin Corp. 

size varies


  • Copper wire, 20 Gauge: brown, red
  • Green aluminum wire, 18 Gauge


  • Pliers: needle nose, round nose
  • Wire cutters

basic supplies

  • Paper
  • Pen or pencil

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Project Instructions

1. Trace multi veined leaf onto paper and choose wire color. Cut three wires that are 14 times the length of traced leaf.

2. Fold one wire in half and place fold at top center of traced leaf. Use fingers and needle nose pliers to form double wire into the shape of half the traced leaf. 

Making Wire Fall LeavesMaking Wire Fall Leaves

3. Unfold and open the doubled wire to reveal a full leaf shape. Twist wire ends together at base of leaf shape to form stem. Twist wire back up to leaf base. Leave two wire ends hanging out to the left and right of leaf.

4. Fold another length of wire in half.  Wrap fold of wire around top center point of leaf. Twist doubled wire together three times, bring it down and wrap it around leaf base at above the stem to form main vein.

5. Separate doubled wire ends. As you continue wrapping, it’s ok if leaf shape begins to curl a bit.

6. Extend one wire end to bottom section of leaf and wrap around twice, twist wire together and bring back down to leaf base. Repeat using various ends of wire to radiate out to create leaf’s main veins.

Making Wire Fall Leaves

7. Fold last length of wire in half and wrap fold around leaf base above the stem.  Separate wire ends and wrap out from main veins to sides of each leaf section and back again to create secondary veins as shown.

Making Wire Fall Leaves

8. Wrap all excess wire around leaf stem. 

Making Wire Fall Leaves