Tess & Teddy Mixed Media

By  Pla Schneider  for  Decoart

size: 12"x12"


  • Basswood canvas, 12”x12”
  • Print paper: burlap or other crosshatch pattern paper, print of choice
  • Copier paper


  • Paintbrushes: liner; round, #8; flat, 3/4”
  • Brayer
  • DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylic Paints: Burnt Umber, Cobalt Teal Hue, Dioxazine Purple, Green Gold, Pyrrole Orange, Quinacridone Magenta, Titan Buff, Titanium White, Yellow Oxide; Matte Medium; Americana Gloss Enamels Mod Stick-on Stencil
  • Oil pastels

Basic Supplies

  • pencil and transfer paper, scissors, paper towels, palette, container of water, sponge

Pattern - Tess & Teddy Mixed Media

  • 1. Print out patterns.
  • 2. Squirt a bit of these acrylic paints onto canvas, adding more if needed: Cobalt Teal Hue, Pyrrole Orange, Quinacridone Magenta, Yellow Oxide. Smooth paint over surface in vertical direction using brayer.

    Photo 1

    Photo 2
  • 3. Repeat Step 2 process, applying paint to plain paper and smoothing with brayer in horizontal direction: Cobalt Teal Hue, Green Gold, Yellow Oxide.

    Photo 3

    Photo 4
  • 4. Transfer couch pattern to painted paper using transfer paper and pencil; cut out. Adhere to canvas using Matte Medium applied using flat.

    Photo 5
  • 5. Paint perimeter of couch Cobalt Teal Hue using round.

    Photo 6
  • 6. Add random Dioxazine Purple swirls to left side of canvas using liner. Transfer inspirational words to right side of canvas; paint Dioxazine Purple using liner.

    Photo 7
  • 7. Trace top, sleeves, and skirt onto print paper. Dip round into water, then paint over top and sleeves using Yellow Oxide wash. Rinse brush and repeat process, painting skirt using Quinacradone Magenta wash. Trace face pattern onto plain white paper using pencil. Paint face Titan Buff and lips Quinacridone Magenta using round. Cut out; adhere large pieces to canvas using Matte Medium.

    Photo 8
  • 8. Trace bear pattern onto burlap paper; cut out. Adhere cut pieces to canvas using Matte Medium.
  • 9. Paint hair Quinacridone Magenta using round. While still wet, add Titanium White highlights using dirty brush. Add Burnt Umber details to bear using liner.

    Photo 9
  • 10. Randomly stencil dots onto surface in contrasting colors using sponge. Use oil pastels in pinks to add rosy cheeks and browns to add facial details. Outline girl, bear, and couch with coordinating oil pastels.

    Photo 10