Snowy Scene Mitten Stretchers

By  Vera Collier 

size: 5"x8-3/4" each


  • Cabin Crafters Wooden Mitten Stretchers, one pair
  • Rusty bells, 1/2”, two
  • Old buttons, two
  • Off-white cording, 1 yd.


  • Checkerboard stencil with 1/4” squares
  • Loew-Cornell La Corneille Golden Taklon Paintbrushes: Series 7550 Glaze/Wash ½”; Series 7400 Angular Shader 1/2”, 3/4”; Series 7050 Script 10/0; Series 247 Crescent 3/8”; Series 7000 Round #2; Series 410 Deerfoot Stippler 1/8”; Series 270 Maxine’s Magic Mop 1/2”
  • DecoArt Americana Acrylic Paints: Antique Rose, Antique Teal, Burnt Orange, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, Green Mist, Honey Brown, Lamp Black, Light Buttermilk, Slate Green, Snow White
  • Kerry Trout Liquid Shadow
  • Finishes: matte varnish, multi-purpose sealer
  • Craft glue

Basic Supplies

  • sandpaper, ruler and pencil , masking tape, stylus, paper towels, container of water, tracing paper, graphite paper, small stencil brush

Pattern - Snowy Scene Mitten Stretchers

  • 1. Sand and seal wooden mittens. Sand again. Basecoat front and back with two coats Slate Green. Print out patterns. Trace pattern onto tracing paper. Transfer ovals and cuff pattern lines. Basecoat cuffs Light Buttermilk and ovals with (1:1) mixture of Slate Green + Light Buttermilk. Once dry, transfer main pattern lines onto both ovals.
  • 2. Mask off cuff areas with tape, following curved line of cuff. Stencil checkerboard Lamp Black onto cuffs using stencil brush.
  • 3. For snowman, basecoat snowman Light Buttermilk and scarf Burnt Sienna. Float side-loaded Slate Green shading to right and underneath each section. Add two "C"-shaped shadows where arms connect and also to left of each button. Paint Lamp Black buttons next to shadows using stylus. When dry, highlight buttons with side-load of Light Buttermilk.
  • 4. Basecoat twig arms Burnt Umber and nose Burnt Orange. Shade right side of nose Burnt Sienna. Add thinned Lamp Black mouth using liner. Drybrush cheeks Antique Rose using crescent. Stipple earmuffs Burnt Sienna using deerfoot. Highlight earmuffs Burnt Orange; highlight Light Buttermilk. Paint headband Lamp Black; highlight with narrow Light Buttermilk line. Add Light Buttermilk snow beneath snowman side-loaded onto angular shader. Repeat snow application several times, working first few times down as far as possible. Soften with mop brush. Once dry, highlight drifts with narrow side-loads of Snow White. Add Light Buttermilk stripes to scarf; shade scarf Burnt Umber. Paint fringe on scarf ends Burnt Sienna using liner.
  • 5. For landscape, basecoat house Snow White, roof Lamp Black, and chimney Burnt Sienna. Basecoat tree trunks Honey Brown and branches Green Mist. Shade right side of trunks and underneath branches Burnt Umber. Shade underneath branch layers Antique Teal. Drybrush Light Buttermilk on branch edges for "snow." Shade right side and underneath roofline Burnt Umber. Highlight roof Slate Green on left and bottom edge.
  • 6. Using Liquid Shadow, shade around outside of each oval, on sides of cuffs, and on areas underneath cuffs.
  • 7. Paint grapevines around ovals Burnt Umber using liner. Dot Burnt Sienna berries randomly around wreath using stylus; highlight dot Light Buttermilk. Paint snowflakes Light Buttermilk using liner. Add dots of Light Buttermilk snow all over design using stylus.
  • 8. When paint has dried thoroughly, apply several coats of varnish. Tie mitten stretchers together using cord accented with bells. Thread cord through button holes; adhere to cuffs.
  • Tip
  • 1. Unless a specific brush is noted, use the best brush you have to fit the area you are painting. When floating colors for shading or highlighting, use the mop brush to soften your floats.