Monogram Canvas

for  Craft Marketing Connections, Inc.

size: 10"x10"x36"


  • Canvas, back-stapled and primed: rectangle, 16”x20”, one; square, 12”x12”, two; square, 10”x10”, one
  • Wood letter of choice, prepainted white, 5"
  • Hampton Art KI Memories Die-Cut Lace Paper: Mini Celebrations Collection Hexagon (KI10052), Vintage Charm Collection Lace (KI10065)
  • Sawtooth hanger and small nails


  • Design Master Sprays: TintIT Multi-Use Transparent Dye in Chartreuse, Jade, Sapphire; ColorTEX Flurry Texture; Tack 1000 Adhesive; Mess Master Spray Solvent (optional)
  • Aleene’s Max Tacky Adhesive

Basic Supplies

  • large cardboard spraying box, scissors, hammer, pencil, measuring tape or yardstick
  • 1. Attach hanger to top center of largest canvas on back side. In well-ventilated area on protected surface, spray canvas with two light coats of jade dye. (Note: Fewer coats will allow more transparency, creating mottled effect. More coats will result in smoother, more opaque color.) Let dry.
  • 2. Spray one medium-sized canvas with blue dye; let dry. Spray hexagon paper with Tack 1000; let dry 60 seconds. Align with blue canvas and adhere. Spray covered canvas with even coat of texture spray, allowing blue to show in places for speckled look. Let completely dry without removing stencil.

    Photo 1

    Photo 2

    Photo 3
  • 3. Spray same canvas with green dye. Let dry. Carefully peel up paper without tearing. Lay stencil on flat surface, adhesive side up.

    Photo 4

    Photo 5
  • 4. Repeat process on second medium-size canvas, first spraying canvas with green dye. Apply adhesive to lace paper; adhere to canvas. Spray with texture, then blue dye, allowing each to dry between steps. Remove and save paper when dry.
  • 5. Spray small canvas with texture; let dry. Spray with jade dye; let dry.
  • 6. Mark center of large canvas with pencil. Set both 12" canvases atop large canvas diagonally with points touching at center mark, hexagon pattern at bottom left, lace pattern upper right. Keep smaller canvases square and level with main canvas. Apply generous amounts of Max Tacky adhesive to contact areas on backs of 12" canvases; set in place to dry.
  • 7. Position blue lace stencil atop matching 12" canvas, offset approximately 1" to upper right. Adhere in place using Max Tacky adhesive.
  • 8. Center and adhere green hexagon stencil behind small canvas. Adhere to main canvas, gluing contact areas as before. Adhere letter to bottom right of small canvas using Max Tacky adhesive. Let dry completely.
  • Tip
  • 1. Spray additional items with dye to add visual interest: metal pieces, chipboard die-cuts, flowers, and more.