Envelope Album

By  Rachel Giallongo  for  American Traditional Designs®

size: 10"x10"


  • White envelopes, 10”x13”, three
  • Black cardstock
  • Papers*: cardstock: Hot Pink & Lime, four; Composition & Ruled; Black; patterned: Hot Pink & Dots, two; Chic Floral, three; Lime Plaid
  • Très Chic embellishments*: File Pack; Chipboard; Alphabet
  • Lil’ Charms*
  • Woven Details
  • Elevations
  • Stickers*: Girlfriends; My Style
  • Mini Alphabet Rub-Ons*
  • Silvertone Mini Brads*
  • Photos


  • Velcro dot (Velcro)
  • Paper trimmer
  • Embossing tool
  • Paper plates: 8”; 10”
  • Glue stick
  • Optional: Black ink pad
  • *Products by American Traditional Designs
  • 1. Lightly mark envelopes as "A", "B", and "C".
  • 2. Place all three envelopes with EB facing up. Place envelope B in center with flap at top. Adhere gummed flap of envelope C under lower right of envelope B and gummed flap of envelope A under lower left of envelope B (Fig. 1).

    Fig. 1
  • 3. Fold envelope B down, making it flush with adjoining envelopes. Crease to form new flap.
  • 4. Use 10" plate to trace arc on new flap of envelope B. Cut along traced line. Open flap and trim inside along fold line, saving this piece as a template.
  • 5. Use template to trace and cut an opening for both envelopes A and C at point where they meet envelope B (Fig. 2).

    Fig. 2
  • 6. Cut approximately 1/2" from far right side edge of envelope C and discard (Fig. 3). Use embossing tool to score envelope approximately 3-3/4" from cut end; fold.

    Fig. 3
  • 7. Use embossing tool to score envelope A approximately 3-3/4" from left side edge; fold. Cut along fold from top to approximately 5-1/2" down. Fold and cut small flap in same way as step 4, using 8" plate as pattern. Open flap and trim inside along fold line. Save piece to use as template.
  • 8. Starting on EB side, cover various flaps, pockets, and sides with your choice of patterned papers or use photo as guide. Measure and adhere papers as desired, using templates to cut papers for flaps. Quick Tip: For hard to measure areas, adhere larger piece of paper and trim excess.
  • 9. Attach brads to long folds to secure envelope "pockets". (Note: For a different look, use staples, glue, or stitching instead of brads.)
  • 10. Adhere papers to EF sides, covering back of brads.
  • 11. Mat photos on black cardstock.
  • 12. Embellish envelope book as desired. Use pockets to hold journaling, notes, ticket stubs, and memorabilia. Adhere Velcro dot to top flap. Ink edges if desired.
  • Note
  • 1. The envelope address side is referred to as envelope front (EF) and opposite side as envelope back (EB) throughout.