Embossed Soaps

for  Life of the Party


  • Embossed Soap Kit*
  • Glycerin Soap Bricks*, 2 lbs. each: Clear; White
  • Liquid Soap Colorant or Powder Soap Colorant of choice*
  • Soap Fragrance*
  • Decorative papers and ribbon of choice


  • Rubber stamp of choice
  • 4-shape Bar Mold* (use round cavity only)
  • Soap Kettle & Ladle*
  • Wooden craft sticks or spoons
  • Glass measuring cup
  • Cutting board
  • Kitchen knife
  • Rubbing alcohol in spray bottle
  • Plastic wrap
  • *Products by Life of the Party

Pattern - Soap Making Tips

  • 1. Use approximately 1/2 cup melted clear or white soap for each soap bar. Add several drops fragrance to melted soap; stir until well incorporated. Add several drops or pinches of colorant to melted soap; stir.
  • 2. Pour small drop of soap into mold and affix stamp (design facing up) into mold to hold stamp in place then soap is poured into mold. Press firmly so stamp adheres to surface. Fill mold with melted soap mixture. Let harden and remove from mold. To remove stamp from soap, slowly lift corner and pull back until stamp is completely removed from soap.
  • 3. Wrap soap in paper and tie bow.
  • Soap Melting Instructions
  • 1. SOAP KETTLE METHOD: Use knife to cut clear soap brick into cubes; place into Soap Kettle. Follow manufacturer's instructions to melt soap. (Note: Do not leave Soap Kettle unattended. Soap Kettle holds a maximum of 5 lb. of soap.)
  • 2. MICROWAVE METHOD: Cut clear soap brick into cubes, then place into microwave-safe measuring cup. Heat for 40 seconds, then in 10-second intervals until soap is completely melted. Stir in between melting intervals.
  • 3. CAUTION: Melted soap is very hot, so be extremely careful.