Citrus Slice Soap Bars

for  Life of the Party


  • Glycerin Soap Bricks, 2 lbs. each: Clear; White
  • Liquid Soap Colorant of choice
  • Soap Fragrance


  • 4-Shape Bar Mold* (use round cavity only)
  • Soap Kettle & Ladle*
  • Wooden craft sticks or spoons
  • Glass measuring cup
  • Cutting board
  • Kitchen knife
  • Rubbing alcohol in spray bottle
  • Plastic wrap
  • *Products by Life of the Party

Pattern - Soap Making Tips

  • 1. Use approximately 1/2 cup melted clear soap for each color used. Add several drops fragrance and liquid colorant to melted soap; stir until well incorporated.
  • 2. Pour and fill round cavity of 4-shape bar mold. Lightly spray with alcohol to dissipate surface bubbles. Let soap set and release bars from mold by applying constant, even pressure with thumbs to back of mold.
  • 3. Use small paring knife to trim diameter of soap bar approximately 1/8" around bar. Place trimmed round bar onto cutting board and slice four times for eight equal slices.
  • 4. Place six slices (pointy tip toward center) back into same round cavity of mold. Evenly space to fill circle. Melt white soap base for 1/3 cup melted soap. Add several drops of fragrance and colorant; stir. Pour and fill round cavity mold with melted soap mixture around slices. Let set and release bars from mold. Wrap soaps in plastic wrap until ready to use.
  • Soap Melting Instructions
  • 1. SOAP KETTLE METHOD: Use knife to cut clear soap brick into cubes; place into Soap Kettle. Follow manufacturer's instructions to melt soap. (Note: Do not leave Soap Kettle unattended. Soap Kettle holds a maximum of 5 lb. of soap.)
  • 2. MICROWAVE METHOD: Cut clear soap brick into cubes, then place into microwave-safe measuring cup. Heat for 40 seconds, then in 10-second intervals until soap is completely melted. Stir in between melting intervals.
  • 3. CAUTION: Melted soap is very hot, so be extremely careful.