Body Lotion

for  Life of the Party


  • Spa Indulgence Lotion items: Shea Butter Lotion, 16 oz.; Liquid Colorant of choice; Fragrance of choice; Lotion Bottles with Caps
  • *Products by Life of the Party


  • Old Bowl For Mixing
  • Spoon
  • Old Funnel
  • 1. Fill one of the small empty lotion bottles approximately halfway. (Note: Since Shea Butter is thicker than other lotions, tap bottle to loosen lotion for pouring if needed.)
  • 2. Add desired amounts of fragrance and color. Make color slightly darker than you like to avoid adding more color after filling bottle. (Note: Ten color drops is more than sufficient to color lotion. Too much color may stain skin.) Attach lid and shake well.
  • 3. Pour additional lotion into bottle until container is almost full; shake well. Add more color and/or fragrance if desired.
  • Layered Lotion
  • 1. Create a great effect by layering different colors in the bottle. To make a bottle with two-tone shades, make two complete bottles of two different colors. Get a clean bottle and pour 1/4, 1/3, or 1/2 (depending on desired number of layers) full with one color, then pour remaining layers until bottle is full.