Sage & Copper Candle Holders

By  Lauren DiSanza  for  Diamond Tech Crafts

size: varies

  • Sage & Copper Candle Holders
  • Fig. 1
  • Fig. 2


  • Green wine bottles, 750ml, five
  • Diamond Tech Studio Pro Copper Stained Glass Foiling Tape: 3/16”, 1/4”


  • Diamond Tech Generation Green G2 Bottle Cutter
  • Eclectic Products E6000 Industrial Strength Adhesive

Basic Supplies

  • permanent marker, sandpaper, fid or pencil, craft knife, ruler, measuring tape
  • Preparation
  • 1. Remove labels from bottles, clean thoroughly, and let dry.
  • 2. Measure 6"-7" down from top of three wine bottles; mark with permanent marker. Following manufacturer's instructions, score and separate the bottles using bottle cutter. Smooth rough edges on bottom of bottles with sandpaper.
  • 3. Measure 2-1/2" down from top of two other bottles; mark with permanent marker. Score and separate bottles as before, smoothing rough edges when done. Clean all cut bottles inside and out; let dry thoroughly.
  • Candlesticks
  • 1. Adhere one short bottle neck piece on top of one tall bottle neck piece, with bottle openings together. Repeat for second candlestick. Let dry completely.
  • 2. Peel backing from copper foil, adhere vertically to candlestick in desired pattern, and burnish to surface using fid or craft stick. For "circuit" design, use random combination of patterns shown in Figures 1 and 2. For "graduated" design, adhere random lengths (2"-10") of foil strips to candlestick, trimming visible ends at angles. Use taper candles in candlesticks.

    Fig. 1

    Fig. 2
  • Pillar Stand
  • 1. Measure around bottom of remaining bottle cut in Step 2 of Preparation. Cut strips of both foil widths to this measurement. Trim each strip's end at 45°, angled in same direction.
  • 2. Place bottle bottom with cut end on work surface. Working from bottom to top, peel backing from copper foil, adhere horizontally around bottle with angled ends 1/8"-1/4" apart, and burnish to surface using fid or craft stick. Continue wrapping strips around bottle sides, alternating strip widths and spacing as desired. Use small round or pillar candles in stand.
  • Tip
  • 1. Excess applied copper foil can be removed using a craft knife.