Treasure Photo Clipboard

By  Julia Stainton 

size: 5-3/4"x9"

  • Treasure Photo Clipboard


  • Mini clipboard
  • Lovestrong patterned
  • “Home” Iron-On Mini Words
  • Black “Seal It” Wholy Cow Rub-Ons
  • Brown/white dot organdy ribbon


  • Iron
  • Heat tool
  • 1. Adhere paper to clipboard front, noting pattern placement; trim as needed. Sand edges to remove excess.
  • 2. Apply rub-on to metal clip. Tie clip with ribbon. Quickly heat ribbon with heat tool to distress and curl, if desired.
  • 3. Follow manufacturer's instructions to apply iron-on to clipboard.
  • More
  • 1. Create three clipboards for one unique photo grouping, using these iron-on words: Treasure; Family; Home.
  • 2. Cover clipboard with cardstock and stamp your own unique design in place of the patterned paper.