Butterfly & Flower Pouch

By  Linda Hollander 

size: 5"x9-1/2"


  • The Painting Fool Hot Pink Muslin Posy Pouch, 5”x9-1/2”


  • Royal & Langnickel Golden Taklon Paintbrushes: Series R250 Pointed Round 10/0, #0, 3; Series R1505 Short Shader #8; Series R160 Angular Shader, 1/4”; Bobbie’s Blender Mop
  • DecoArt So Soft Fabric Paint: Cadmium Orange, Cadmium Yellow, Dark Rose, Hauser Light Green, Indian Turquoise, Lamp Black, Spruce Green, Ultra White, Wine
  • Dritz Double-Faced WAX-FREE Tracing Paper
  • Royal & Langnickel Nano Liner Black .01mm Pen

Basic Supplies

  • clear packing tape, lint roller, paper towels, stylus, newspaper (to cover work surface)

Pattern - Butterfly & Flower Pouch

  • 1. Remove lint from pouch using tape or lint roller. Print out patterns. Cover pattern with tape so stylus doesn't damage paper during transfer. Transfer pattern outlines; make tracing of details. Set aside.
  • 2. Paint all pattern areas Ultra White until opaque using shader and round brushes. See Photo 1.

    Photo 1
  • 3. Paint wings Cadmium Orange using #3 round. Wipe brush on paper towel; pick up Dark Rose and paint next to Cadmium Orange. Wipe brush; pick up Cadmium Yellow and fill in remaining area of wings. Blend slightly where colors meet using blender. Basecoat flower petals Cadmium Yellow. Basecoat flower centers Cadmium Orange. Basecoat stems Hauser Light Green using #0 round. See Photo 2.

    Photo 2
  • 4. Basecoat butterfly body Hauser Light Green; shade using angular shader side-loaded with Spruce Green. Transfer wing detail or use photo as guide. Paint details on wings Lamp Black using #0 round. Shade base of flower centers using angular shader side-loaded with Wine. See Photo 3.

    Photo 3
  • 5. Highlight top edge of butterfly body Cadmium Yellow using side-loaded angular shader. Shade flower petals Cadmium Orange using side-loaded angular shader. Deepen shading with touches of Wine; highlight Ultra White. Highlight flower centers Cadmium Yellow. Blend shading on stems Spruce Green using #0 round. See Photo 4.

    Photo 4
  • 6. Add veins to petals using slightly-thinned Spruce Green. Add details to petals, stems, and butterfly body using thinned Lamp Black. Add tiny seeds to base of flower centers using stylus. Highlight top of butterfly body Ultra White using #0 round. Add low lights to underside of butterfly body, right side of flower centers, and stems with Indian Turquioise. See Photo 5.

    Photo 5
  • 7. Add highlights to antennae, legs, and eye with thinned Ultra White. Float shading below petals and to separate wings Dark Rose using angular shader. See Photo 6.

    Photo 6
  • 8. Let air dry completely. Fill with 2"-3" of cool water and fresh-cut flowers.
  • Tip
  • 1. To clean pouch, wipe with damp cloth. Avoid thorny, woody, and artificial wire stems as they can damage the liner.