Summer Memory Box

Shells, sand, pebbles, ticket stubs, coins — hold on to those precious items found while traveling and create a display to remind you of the trip every day!
By  Lauren DiSanza  for  Diamond Tech

size: 8"x8"x3"


  • Diamond Tech KraftyBlok Original
  • Twigs
  • Artificial moss
  • Assorted wooden beads, 1/2”, seven
  • Cotton cord, 1/8”, 6” length
  • Copper glitter alphabet stickers
  • Mementos from summer activities (vacation, camp, etc.)


  • Martha Stewart Crafts Spring Pasture Gloss Opaque Glass Paint
  • Clear acrylic spray (optional)
  • Eclectic Products E-6000 Industrial Strength Adhesive

Basic Supplies

  • glass cleaner, paper towel, oven, craft knife, paintbrush, ruler, scrap paper, pencil, scissors, plastic knife, newspaper (to cover work surface)
  • 1. Adults, help kids when piercing holes in cap.
  • 2. Clean KraftyBlok inside and out; let dry. Place glass block flat on covered work surface. Apply paint to palm of child's hands; press firmly on glass near bottom with fingers pointing toward block opening. Immediately wash paint from skin. To set paint, follow manufacturer's instructions to bake glass block. (Note: After baking, allow paint to cure 72 hours.)
  • 3. Break twigs into pieces ranging from 1"-6". If desired, seal twigs with acrylic; let dry. Draw four 8"x3" rectangle templates on scrap paper. Position twigs on rectangles, breaking or cutting to fit. (Note: Place thickest twigs near outside edges so block doesn't wobble).
  • 4. Place glass block on work surface with opening down. Spread adhesive over block bottom with plastic knife. Transfer twigs from first template to block; let dry one hour. Repeat for all block sides. Allow 1/4" around opening to ensure cap will fit.
  • 5. Apply stickers to spell desired sentiment above painted hands on block front.
  • 6. Place layer of moss inside glass block; arrange mementos inside.
  • 7. For handle, pierce two 1/4" holes in cap with craft knife, 1/2" from short sides. Thread cord through first hole; knot in place. Add beads to open cord end; thread cord through second hole and knot in place.
  • Tip
  • 1. Replace twigs or moss with shells, sand, or pebbles... whatever is most relevant to your summer memories.