QC: Rub-on Ornament

By  Niki Meiners 


  • Clear Glass Ornaments
  • Rub-on Stickers
  • Charlie Brown Tree
  • Ribbons


  • Scissors
  • Cleaned Popsicle Stick
  • 1. Clean outside of ornaments so stickers will stick better. Let Dry.
  • 2. Use popsicle stick to rub on stickers to ornaments.
  • 3. Cut ribbon to desired length and tie around top of ornament.
  • 4. Create stylish ornaments in a flash with holiday rub-ons. From whimsical designs like the reindeer and tree ornaments pictured here to more sophisticated looks, choose styles that best reflect your décor or recipient's taste. Shop dollar and discount stores for inexpensive ornaments.