QC: Holiday Cyclament Basket Arrangement

By  Clare Meiers 


  • Red and white cyclamen
  • Plastic wintery basket
  • Charming tree ornaments
  • Foil
  • Clear plastic
  • Packaged moss
  • Greenery and pinecones


  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • 1. A wintery basket filled with colorful red and white cyclamen makes a warm hostess gift for your seasonal party schedule. Charming tree ornaments top off this sweet gift. Discount stores have an array of beautiful baskets during the holidays. Purchase cyclamen from a garden center. Wrap base of plastic planters with foil. Line basket with clear plastic. Place planters in basket and lightly cover top of basket with packaged moss. Wrap or tie ornament to basket. Glue greenery and pinecones to basket, if desired. And remember to pamper yourself with a cyclamen holiday basket like this one, to remind you of the glorious spirit of the season.