Simply Elegant Centerpiece

By  Diane D. Flowers  for  The Dow Chemical Co.

size: 12" tall


  • STYRO FOAM Brand Foam Cube, 5” (Dow)
  • Silk florals: cream daisies, large, two; cream rosebuds, large, two; paper whites or daffodils, fifteen stems
  • Blue tissue paper
  • Tulle: blue; brown
  • Prestige Ribbon (Wrights), 5/8”: Island Blue Sheer Edge Satin; Seal Brown Moiré


  • Stem cutters
  • 1. Trim flower stems to 8" or less; insert into center top of cube. Position one daisy in top with roses on opposite sides and remaining daisy near one cube corner between roses. Fill areas between daisies and roses with paper whites or daffodils.
  • 2. Cut 30" ribbon lengths from each color. Trim 6" from longest side of blue tissue paper. Cut two 30" lengths each of brown and blue tulle. Place tulle lengths on table at opposite angles, overlapping centers. Place center of blue tissue on top of center of tulle lengths.
  • 3. Place cube with flowers in tissue center and pull tissue and tulle up to cover cube sides, gathering it loosely around bottoms of flower stems. Adjust tissue and tulle as needed to completely cover cube.
  • 4. Wrap both ribbon lengths around tissue, tulle, and flower stems, tying knot and loose, loopy bow on same corner as daisy; trim ends as desired.
  • 5. Trim tulle if desired and curl and push ends around and between flowers and top of cube.