Scent-sational Lavender-rose Sachet & Recipes

By  Jennifer & Kitty O’Neil 


  • Teal silk shantung, 11”x11” square
  • White iridescent organdy ribbon, 1-1/2”, 18” long
  • Magenta silk rose, 4”
  • Dried rosebuds and petals, 1-1/2 c
  • Rose fragrance oil
  • Lavender essential oil


  • Small rubber band
  • Wire cutters
  • Bowl and spoon
  • Ruler

Pattern - Beautiful Blends

  • 1. For sachet filling, pour rosebuds and petals into bowl. Add 10 drops each of rose fragrance and lavender essential oils; stir.
  • 2. For sachet, lay silk square onto table. Spoon sachet filling onto center of square. Gather corners and edges of fabric square tightly together to create a ball. Secure fabric at top with rubber band.
  • 3. To embellish sachet, snip silk rose stem, 2" from base of bloom. Insert remaining rose stem into center of sachet.
  • 4. Tie ribbon around rubber band; knot and trim ends at an angle.
  • Crafty ShoppingTips
  • 1. These exquisite sachets require so little fabric you can use the finest materials without breaking the bank. Look for sumptuous materials with ornate embroidery or pearl embellishments and shop in the special occasion section. After all, isn't making sachets a special occasion?