Pearls of Wisdom Journal

By  Lisa Bychowski 

size: 6"x8"


  • Paper Reflections Wire-bound Memory Book, 6”x8” (DMD Industries)
  • Glass pink pearl beads, 6mm, 23
  • Brown satin ribbon, 7/8”, 66” length
  • Decorative papers, 7”x9-1/2”, two
  • White cardstock, 5-3/4”x7-1/4”, two


  • Fishing line
  • Zip-Dry Paper Glue (Beacon Adhesives)
  • Glass Metal & More Permanent Glue (Beacon Adhesives)
  • Craft knife
  • 1. Remove wire spiral from book. Set aside spiral and filler pages.
  • 2. Place front cover, face down, on decorative paper. Fold and glue paper over edges. Repeat for back cover. Use craft knife to carefully cut spiral holes in covers. Set back cover aside.
  • 3. Cut 10" length and eight 7" lengths from ribbon. Place each 7" length, vertically, onto front cover. Fold and glue ribbon ends to back.
  • 4. Adhere cardstock rectangles to inside front and back covers. Set back cover aside.
  • 5. Gather center of one ribbon with fingertips. Secure gather by tying with fishing line. Trim line close to knot. Repeat for remaining ribbon lengths.
  • 6. Use Glass Metal & More to adhere pearls to ribbons.
  • 7. Reassemble book. For page marker, thread 10" ribbon length through top spiral; fold and glue end over 1". Gather ribbon end with fishing line. Tie pearl onto gather and trim ends close to knot. Clip ribbon ends.