Grandparents' Library Drawer

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size: 12"x6-3/4"x6"


  • 7gypsies Wooden Library Drawer
  • 7gypsies Naked Tabs, 4-1/2”x6”, 15
  • 7gypsies Lille Tags, 2”x4-3/4”
  • Elmer’s Black on Black Foam Board, 20”x30”x1/2”
  • Chipboard bracket-style book pages, 6”x6”
  • Papers: 7gypsies Santa’s Journey Collection 8”x8” Paper Pad; Hampton Art Ki Vintage Charm Collection Blue Ledger, Numbers, Elegant Graph, Rulers; Hampton Art Ki Mini Celebrations Collection We are Family
  • Hampton Art Ki Mini Celebrations Collection We are Family Ruffle Stickers
  • Assorted embellishments: nail heads, buttons, charms, paper clips, memo clips, pins, hinge clips, metal accents, etc.
  • Assorted trims: ribbons, twine, jute, cords, etc.
  • Photographs


  • Hampton Art Cling-Mounted Stamps: Kelly Panacci Cling Butterflies, Kelly Panacci Cling Swirls, 7gypsies Best of Times
  • Hampton Art Ink Pads: Brown, Black
  • Elmer’s X-ACTO Tools: 9" Paper Trimmer, 8" Scissors, 12" Metal Ruler, 12"x12" Self Healing Cutting Mat, X-3000 Knife and Blades
  • Elmer's CraftBond Adhesives: Dot Runner, Permanent Foam Mounting Tape, Quick Dry Glue, Extra Strength Glue Stick

Basic Supplies

  • pencil, fine-line black roller ball pen, 1/4" hole punch, sandpaper, transparent tape, stapler, sponge dauber, copy paper, pliers
  • 1. Plan strategy for all cards and chipboard dividers, such as using multiple photos of one child on each card and using family photos on dividers, so that family member cards can be filed together. To make coordination easier, plan several cards at one time.
  • 2. Before adhering elements to cards and dividers, plan placement of stamped images, tags, large embellishments, and photos. Use photo as guide.
  • 3. Using adhesive runner, adhere papers and tags to cards; do not adhere photos at this time.
  • 4. Use black ink to stamp butterflies, swirls, and words onto various cards; let dry. For aged look, sponge card edges brown. Edge cards with black ink pad.
  • 5. Trace chipboard dividers onto desired papers and cut out; adhere papers to dividers using glue stick. Decorate dividers in same way as cards. Sand divider edges to create aged look.
  • 6. Sand library drawer with grain to impart distressed look.
  • 7. Trim photos to desired size and adhere to cards; use adhesive runner or foam tape to add dimension.
  • 8. Plan embellishments for cards and dividers starting with ribbons, twine, and cords that can be wrapped and tied, stapled, or adhered using quick-dry glue.
  • 9. Adhere smaller embellishments, such as buttons and charms, using quick-dry glue. For nail heads, use pliers to remove points; adhere with glue.
  • 10. Attach paper clips, memo clips, and hinge clips to cards and dividers. Write names on each card tab.
  • 11. Trim copy paper to fit backs of cards; let children write messages or draw pictures onto paper. Adhere notes to cards. Date cards.
  • 12. To create spacers that will keep cards upright and help fill drawer as family grows, but won't show, cut 3"x4" rectangle from foam board. (Note: Score lightly first and then press more firmly to cut deeper, cutting with several passes of knife. Replace blades often.) Cut as many spacers as there are cards and dividers.
  • 13. Place foam board spacers between cards and dividers in library drawers. As more cards are added, spacers can be removed.
  • Tip
  • 1. As new grandchildren join the family, create additional cards.