Snow Fairy Ornament

By  Heidi Boyd 

  • Snow Fairy Ornament
  • Snow Fairy With Pink Dress
  • Closeup View


  • Wooden beads, two
  • Beige chenille stems, 1-1/2
  • Curly Fleece (Portland Maine Fiber Co. or check your local spinning supply store)
  • Beige embroidery floss
  • Silk flower petals (remove stem and flower center)
  • Feathers, two
  • Ribbon scrap, 1/8”
  • Beaded grass stems
  • Clear Liquid Beadz (DecoArt)


  • Black permanent fine-tip pen
  • Aleene’s 7800 Platinum Bond Glue (iLoveToCreate)
  • 1. Fold long chenille stem in half. Position fleece hair in fold. Slid bead onto chenille stem ends; follow it with a small petal collar.
  • 2. For arms, wrap one end of short chenille stem with floss. Fold wrapped 1/2" end into center for hand, and wrap the connection. Bring floss to other end and wrap before folding it into the center to make a second hand. Continue wrapping floss down to center of arms and knot end.
  • 3. Separate chenille stems under the petal collar and insert the finished arms between them. Bring the chenille stems back together and string them both through the bead body. Slide bead up under arms to hold arms in place. Push chenille stems through the open center of each of the four petal skirts, starting with the smallest and ending largest, slide the skirts flush against the body bead.
  • 4. For legs, invert the fairy. Separate the chenille stems and bend each stem at a 90° angle to shape hips and hold skirts in place. Repeat wrapping and folding techniques from Step 2 to cover legs with floss and shape ends into feet.
  • 5. For a frosted look, smear Liquid Beadz on edge of silk petal collar and skirts, letting dry between petals.
  • 6. Draw face as shown. Slide section of beaded grass in looped hand; squeeze loop closed to tighten grip. Flip fairy over on her stomach, move her hair to the sides and glue the base of the feather wings to the body bead. Let dry. For hanger, thread floss through folded chenille stem and knot ends.