QC: Holiday Kissing Ball

for  Craft Marketing Connections, Inc.

  • Holiday Kissing Ball


  • 5” Moss Covered Ball (FloraCraft)
  • 12”-long, 3/8”-wide gold sheer ribbon
  • (10) 25mm gold jingle bells
  • Red berry clusters
  • (6) 9mm gold jingle bells


  • Pencil
  • Hot glue gun & glue sticks
  • 1. Bring the tradition of a kissing ball to your home during the holidays! Hang this budget-friendly, festive decoration in a doorway to bring joy and lighthearted fun to your gatherings. Other creative ways to display the kissing ball are on your front door as a welcome decoration, from a chandelier over your dining room table, or on your mantle or holiday tree.
  • 2. To get this look, use a pencil point to make a small indentation in the top, center of a 5" Moss Covered Ball (FloraCraft). Fold a 12"-long, 3/8"-wide gold sheer ribbon length in half with ends together. Hot glue ribbon ends into indentation. Glue three 25mm gold jingle bells with top of bell down, around top of bell. Allow ribbon to feed up between bells for easy hanging. Fill in areas between bells with red berry clusters by gluing in place.
  • 3. Glue one 25mm gold bell, right side up, to bottom center of ball. (Note: Later you will use this loop to attach the trim and ribbons.) Glue six 25mm gold bells (with tops down) around center bell. Thread four gold trims and ribbons through loop in center bell. Pull trims and ribbon halfway, through, creating eight ends.
  • 4. Fill in areas between bells with red berry clusters by gluing in place. Thread six 9mm gold jingle bells randomly onto gold trims and ribbons hanging from bottom of ball. Hang in doorway in place of mistletoe.