Fresh Snowballs in a Jar

By  Clare Miers 

  • Fresh Snowballs in a Jar
  • Fresh Snowballs Mix


  • Jar
  • Ribbon
  • Cardstock


  • Computer & Printer

Stitch Types

scissors: scissors

Pattern - Snowball Label
Pattern - Fresh Snowballs In A Jar Recipe

  • 1. What's more wintry than a good old-fashioned snowball fight? Your family and friends may fight over these handmade snowballs, which make a wonderful homemade culinary gift during the holiday season. A ribbon-wrapped jar makes the snowball presentation charming, but tie on a little label that marks these powdered sugar bites as an illusion of real miniature snowballs made from seemingly freshly fallen snow. Here's simple-to-make Mexican Wedding Cookie recipe.
  • 2. Print out jar label at. Cut out the label, punch a hole and attach to ribbon around jar. This image was a vintage image with public domain usage rights, which Clare reworked in Adobe Photoshop to include "Fresh Made Snowballs." You can find images that are free to the public to use by searching "public domain images" on the internet. Some Web sites will charge a fee for the images they have compiled, but look around because there are many sites that have free images with no monetary strings attached. Public domain images are usually older and are available for public use and do not infringe United States copyright rules. Delicious and fun, these jars of "Fresh Made Snowballs" will bring festive smiles to all who are lucky to get them this year.