Retail Therapy

By  Patricia Rawlinson 

  • Retail Therapy


  • DecoArt: Americana Acrylics: Baby Blue, Boysenberry Pink, Hauser Dark Green, Hauser Light Green, Honey Brown, Lamp (Ebony) Black, Moon Yellow, Napa Red, Olive Green, Petal Pink, Sapphire, Snow (Titanium) White, True Ochre, Violet Haze, Wild Orchid; So Soft Dimensional Glitter Writer: Lime
  • Brushes: Royal & Langnickel: Royal Fusion: Shader, Series R3150, #8, #12; Filbert, Series R3170, #8 Aqualon: Liner, Series R2595, #1
  • Smooth cardboard
  • Mylar plastic sheet or projector transparency
  • Black Earthwise bag

Pattern - Retail Therapy

  • Preparation
  • 1. (Note: It is not necessary to use fabric paints, unless you prefer to keep fabric soft.) Cut cardboard to fit securely inside bag. Use Lamp Black to paint over lettering using as many coats as needed for complete coverage.
  • 2. Print out pattern; transfer basic details onto bag using heavy pressure. (Note: Artist recommends using mylar or transparency sheet to trace patterns onto bag to prevent poking holes through transfer paper while transferring patterns.)
  • Wording and Center Panel
  • 1. Base "Retail Therapy" and "feel better!" Hauser Lt. Green; dry brush Olive Green highlights in center.
  • 2. Base yellow area of oval Moon Yellow and band Hauser Lt. Green; add Olive Green checks to band. Use thinned Honey Brown to line swirl details on yellow oval; dot centers Snow White. Use Hauser Lt. Green to base "Buy" and "Now" background shadow shapes; line letters Hauser Dk. Green.
  • Flowers
  • 1. Base pink flower petals Boysenberry Pink; dry brush Petal Pink highlights along outer edges and add Napa Red linework. Base flower centers True Ochre; add random Moon Yellow dots. Paint purple flowers Wild Orchid; paint centers in same manner as pink flowers. Base blue circles Violet Haze. Use equal mix of Sapphire + Baby Blue to add swirls; highlight swirls Baby Blue.
  • Finishing
  • 1. Line "feel better!" with Lime Glitter Writer. Randomly add Snow White dots to bag background. Allow paints to cure for several days.