Ice Cream On Parade!

By  Chris Thornton-Deason 

  • Ice Cream On Parade!
  • Homemade Fudge Sauce
  • Maple & Walnut Topping
  • Marshmallow Topping
  • Raspberry Sauce


  • Ice-Cream Maker: DecoArt Americana Acrylics: Cadmium Yellow, Dark Chocolate, Deep Midnight Blue, Foliage Green, Hauser Medium Green, Honey Brown, Lamp (Ebony) Black, Light Parchment, Napa Red, Razzle Berry, Sapphire, Snow (Titanium) White, Tangelo Orange
  • Ceramic Items: DecoArt Americana Gloss Enamels: Antique Gold, Black, Bright Orange, Deep Midnight Blue, Foliage Green, Hauser Medium Green, Honey Brown, Napa Red, Razzle Berry, Sand, White
  • Brushes: Royal & Langnickel Aqualon: Script Liner, Series R2585, #1; Shader, Series R2150, #4, #6, #12; Glaze Wash, Series R2700, 1/2”, 1”
  • DecoArt Laurie Speltz’s: Instant Images Pocket Templates Snowbuddies; Duo Tool, 1/4”
  • Ice-Cream Maker: Valspar American Traditions Plastic Primer (available through Lowe’s)
  • Ice-Cream Maker: Water-proof varnish
  • Ceramic Items: Double-sided sticky tape
  • Ceramic Items: White card stock for place cards
  • Ice-Cream Maker: Ice-cream maker
  • Ceramic Items: Snowman Cream and Sugar (C6824, used for ice-cream syrups and toppers); Footed Ice-cream Cups (C6681); Snowman Ornament (C5725) from Maryland China


  • Old fluffy brush

Pattern - Ice Cream On Parade!

  • Preparation - Ice-cream Maker
  • 1. Spray bucket portion of ice-cream maker with two good coats of plastic primer; allow to cure overnight.
  • 2. Use 1" glaze wash and Sapphire to paint top third of bucket; as you work down pick up Snow White for middle section and pick up more Snow White as you work closer to bottom. Use same brush to float Snow White snow drifts at bottom of bucket. Use duotool to randomly stencil various Snow White snowflakes in sky area.
  • 3. Print out pattern; transfer basic details one side of ice-cream maker.
  • Parading Snowmen
  • 1. Use #12 shader to base with mix of Snow White + tch. of Sapphire; lightly shade Deep Midnight Blue. Use old fluffy brush to stipple Snow White highlights: start a brightest area of highlight with fully loaded brush and work into shadows getting lighter as you go until brush runs out of paint. Repeat as needed. Use #4 shader to float Razzle Berry cheeks.
  • 2. Use #6 shader and Razzle Berry to base earmuff and scarves; shade Napa Red. Use mix of Snow White + tch. of Razzle Berry to float highlights on scarves and to stipple highlights on earmuff.
  • 3. Use Foliage Green to base snow cap, hatband on top hat, and scarf; shade Hauser Med. Green. Use mix of Snow White + tch. of Foliage Green to float highlights on cap, hatband, and scarf; stipple pom-pom on snow cap.
  • Drum
  • 1. Use #12 shader to base center of drum Lt. Parchment; float Honey Brown along outer edges. Use script liner to line candy cane drum ring; use #4 shader to shade Sapphire along each edge. Use #4 shader to stripe ring Razzle Berry. Use liner to add Snow White highlight line. Use liner to outline outer edge of ring Hauser Med. Green.
  • Ice-Cream Cones
  • 1. Use #6 shader and mix of Honey Brown + Lt. Parchment (1:1) to base cones; float Lt. Parchment highlight down center of cones. Use #4 shader and Honey Brown to float diagonals to left, then float diagonals to right; shade along outside edges.
  • Ice-Cream
  • 1. For chocolate ice-cream, base with mix of Dk. Chocolate + Snow White (1:1); shade Dk. Chocolate and highlight Snow White. For vanilla ice-cream, base Lt. Parchment; shade Honey Brown and highlight Snow White. For strawberry ice-cream, base with mix of Lt. Parchment + Razzle Berry (1:1); shade Razzle Berry and highlight with mix of Snow White + tch. of base mix.
  • Finishing Snowmen
  • 1. Base top hat, boots, and facial features Lamp Black. Highlight top hat and boots with mix of Snow White + tch. of Lamp Black. Base buttons and boot buckles Cadmium Yellow; use #4 shader to shade Honey Brown. Use liner to base noses Tangelo Orange; highlight tips Cadmium Yellow. For arms, use mix of Honey Brown + Dk. Chocolate (1:1). Double-load #4 shader with Foliage Green and Hauser Med. Green; stroke leaves.
  • Finishing
  • 1. Use old toothbrush to spatter entire bucket Snow White. Apply two to three coats varnish over painted areas.
  • Artist's Tips - Ceramics
  • 1. When painting on glass, allow first coat to dry thoroughly before applying additional coats.
  • Preparation - Ceramics
  • 1. Use old fluffy brush and mix of White + tch. of Deep Midnight Blue to stipple shadow areas on snowmen pieces and entire cup 1/2" below scalloped edge. Stipple White over snow areas of snowmen pieces and over previously stippled area on cups.
  • Snowmen
  • 1. Use Foliage Green to base green areas for hats, scarves, and mittens; shade Hauser Med. Green. Use Razzle Berry to base red areas for remaining hats, scarves, mittens, stripes on candy canes, and holly berries; shade Napa Red. Base holly leaves Hauser Med. Green. Use mix of White + tch. of Honey Brown to paint hat trims, pompoms, drumstick heads, and top and base of drum. Paint noses Bright Orange. Use Black to paint eyes, small buttons, and shoes; add White highlight dots to eyes and buttons. Use Antique Gold to paint large buttons and drum triangles. Use Deep Midnight Blue to paint remaining drum triangles and thread "X's" on large buttons. Use Honey Brown to paint drum sticks and string from drum. Dry brush cheeks Razzle Berry.
  • 2. For place cards, use font of choice to print names on white card stock. Use double-sided tape to attach place cards to hands or ornament snowmen.
  • Ice-Cream Cups
  • 1. Use duo-tool and mix of White + tch. of Sand to randomly stencil various snowflakes all over cups. Base candy cane areas White; add Razzle Berry stripes. Use liner to line outer edges Foliage Green. Use #4 shader to base holly leaves Foliage Green; shade Hauser Med. Green. Randomly dot holly berries Razzle Berry.
  • Finishing - Ceramics
  • 1. Allow paint to cure 21 days or allow painted project to dry 48 hours. Place in cold oven, set temperature to 325°, and bake for 30 minutes; turn off oven and crack open door. Allow project to cool before removing. (Note: Not intended for direct contact with food.)