St. Brigid’s Cross

size: 8"x8"

  • St. Brigids Cross


  • Chenille stems, 12: white (or in colors of choice)
  • Ribbon, four 8” lengths of each: orange, green


  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • 1. Position one chenille stem flat on work surface. Bend second chenille stem around center of first chenille stem, forming 90º angle.
  • 2. Turn chenille stems so bent chenille stem is now at top of cross.
  • 3. Bend third chenille stem around center of chenille stems, forming 90º angle.
  • 4. Rotate chenille stems again so third chenille stem is at top and second chenille stem is rotated to left.
  • 5. Continue pattern, adding total of 12 chenille stems, for woven center square. See photo.
  • 6. Trim chenille stems even. Measure and cut four 8" lengths from orange and green ribbons. Gather each point of cross; wrap ribbon around ends and tie bow.