Message In A Bottle Favors

By  Melony Bradley 

size: 7-1/4" tall

  • Message in a Bottle Favors


  • Recycled plastic bottle
  • Cork stopper (to fit bottle)
  • Skinny wrapped candy (Designer used Tootsie Roll)
  • Darice Foamies Glitter Foam Sheets: Skull and Crossbones, Hearts
  • Print paper, in patterns of choice
  • Ribbon or hemp, 24” length
  • Sand or plastic rhinestones, small amount
  • Paper glue


  • Drill and small bit
  • Scissors
  • Black marker
  • Ruler
  • Rubber bands
  • 1. Wash and dry bottle. Remove labels. Cut bottle top from bottle.
  • 2. Use hand drill to drill small hole through center of cork stopper (for ribbon or hemp to fit through).
  • 3. Measure and cut 2"x9" print paper strip. Wrap strip around bottle; glue ends. Use rubber bands to hold strip in place while drying.
  • 4. For message, measure and cut 3-1/2"x5" print rectangle. Use marker to write message on rectangle and outline edges. Roll message around candy.
  • 5. Measure and cut 24" length of ribbon or hemp. Wrap length around center of candy; knot ends. Thread other length through hole in cork; knot ends on top.
  • 6. Fill bottle with sand (for pirate) or rhinestones (for heart). Press foam stickers on outside of bottle as desired.
  • 7. Position cork on top of bottle so candy/message hangs inside.
  • Note
  • 1. Adults, help kids when using hand drill.