Summer Songbird Stenciled Vase

By  Karen Embry  for  Diamond Tech Crafts

size: 7-1/2"x7-1/2"x3-1/4"

  • Summer Songbird Stenciled Vase
  • Closeup View


  • Diamond Tech KraftyBlok Glass Block, 7-1/2”x7-1/2”x3-1/4”
  • Panacea Products Corp. Clear Glass Marbles, 12 oz. bags, five
  • Assorted silk flowers


  • Plaid Birds & Berries Stencil (32256), Stencil Adhesive Spray
  • Plaid Martha Stewart Crafts Multi-Surface Satin Acrylic Craft Paint: Beetle Black, Sycamore Bark, Spring Pasture, Jacaranda, Wedding Cake, Geranium
  • Pouncer or stencil brush

Basic Supplies

  • rubbing alcohol, paper towel, paintbrush
  • 1. Position KraftyBlok so that hole is at top. Plan stencil design using design pictured or create your own pattern. Wipe KraftyBlok surface with rubbing alcohol to remove oils.
  • 2. Spray back of Birds & Berries Stencil with Stencil Adhesive Spray. Position stencil on KraftyBlok surface.
  • 3. Pour small amount of paint colors on foam plate. Lightly dab pouncer in Sycamore Bark paint and stencil branches on block. Apply second coat if needed. Remove stencil and let dry.
  • 4. Follow same steps for each stenciled part of design (letting paint dry in between each step). Stencil leaves Spring Pasture, birds Geranium, and flowers Jacaranda. Let dry.
  • 5. Paint small dot in center of each flower Beetle Black using pointed end of paintbrush. Let dry. Paint smaller dot inside black dot using Wedding Cake. Let dry.
  • 6. Pour glass marbles into hole at top of KraftyBlok. Insert silk flower stems into marbles and arrange as desired.
  • Tip
  • 1. When loading paint on pouncer, load it sparingly and dab off excess.