QC: Tea Tin Arrangements

By  Clare Miers 

  • Tea Tin Arrangements
  • Tin Empty
  • Closeup View of Tin & Flowers
  • Closeup View of Flowers
  • Black Tea Tin


  • Tea tins
  • Aluminum foil
  • Small glass votive holder
  • Aquafoam
  • Flowers

Basic Supplies

  • scissors
  • 1. Loose tea tins are quite quaint. From specialty shops to discount stores, teas with exotic flavors are popping up with impressive packaging. Also check flea markets for vintage tins with oodles of charm.
  • 2. Collect a variety of tea tins until you have enough for a small luncheon. Line the inside of the tin with aluminum foil or place a small glass votive holder inside the tin to hold the Aquafoam and flowers in water. Cut Aquafoam to fit each tea tin container or votive holder so flowers stay hydrated for several days. Saturate the Aquafoam with water.
  • 3. Use cut flowers that you've purchase or collected from your garden, then cut stems to a length that they appear to be blooming from the tea tin. Press stems into Aquafoam. Keep flowers at one level or use a larger focal point flower in the top center and fill surrounding areas with other blooms.
  • 4. Use flowers and greenery that are blooming right now. Designer Clare Miers used sprigs of rosemary, Texas sage, nandina and plenty of lantana from her beautiful Southern garden for a personalized arrangement. She suggests using variegated greenery mixed in with brightly colored flowers from your own perennial garden, if possible. It makes for fun gardening discussions at the luncheon. Let guests take these tea tin treasures home with them to remember the gathering and the special tea service you brought to the table.