QC: Tangerine Blossoms Arrangement

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  • Tangerine Blossoms Arrangement


  • Oval-shaped brown wicker basket (approx. 12”x18)
  • 2-5/8”x3-1/2”x7-7/8” Desert Foam Green Dry Floral Foam Brick (FloraCraft)
  • Echeveria plant
  • Phalaenopis orchid
  • Three twigs
  • Floral Moss (FloraCraft)
  • Rocks
  • Green Wet Floral Foam (FloraCraft); for fresh flowers


  • Hot glue gun
  • Floral cutter
  • 1. These orange orchids, the floral symbol of love, will bring an exotic elegance to your décor. Scour your home, flea markets or garage sales for an oval-shaped brown wicker basket (approximately 12"x18) to create this luxurious arrangement.
  • 2. Simply glue a 2-5/8"x3-1/2"x7-7/8" Desert Foam Green Dry Floral Foam Brick (FloraCraft) to the inside bottom of the basket. Grouping together on left side of foam, insert echeveria plant stems. Using the photo as a guide, insert two Phalaenopis orchid stems angled toward the opposite side of the foam brick. Use a floral cutter to trim off bottom leaves and roots of remaining orchid stem. Insert into middle of brick. Visually measure and trim three twigs as shown and insert around orchid stems, at an angle.
  • 3. Hot glue Floral Moss (FloraCraft) around floral items, completely covering foam brick. For a finishing touch, place rocks in basket around arrangement or around outside of basket. If you prefer a fresh floral arrangement, use Green Wet Floral Foam (FloraCraft) and insert fresh flowers instead.