QC: Jar Candle Lanterns

By  Clare Miers 

  • Jar Candle Lanterns


  • Small Glass Jars (like baby food, mustard or jelly jars)
  • Silver Metal Craft Wire
  • Small Silk or Faux Flowers
  • Tea Light Candle or Decorative Floating Flowers


  • Wire Cutters
  • 1. Here's a great springtime recycling project to decorate an outdoor wedding or backyard fence. Use any small, round jars, such as baby food, mustard or jelly jars. Remove the lids and clean the jars well. Tightly wrap silver metal craft wire around the top rim of the jar several times.
  • 2. For the hanger, add wire to the rim of the jar, like you would a little basket handle. Weave small silk or faux flowers through the handle wires, avoiding the jar opening to prevent fire. Place tea light or decorative floating flower candle inside the jar. Hang the jar on a fence post and light them at dusk for your outdoor gathering.