Organizational Wall Calendar

By  April Moffatt 

size: 90"x24"

  • Organizational Wall Calendar
  • Closeup View
  • Closeup View


  • Black frames, 24”x36”, two
  • Cut plate metal (found at hardware store), 23”x35”
  • Soundboard (found at hardware store), 18”x24”
  • Burlap, 1-1/2 yds.
  • Fabric, 24”x30”
  • Trim, 1-1/2 yds.
  • Polyform Sculpey Ultralight Clay
  • Heavy-duty magnets, 31
  • Hangers of choice, three


  • Number rubber stamps, 1”
  • Staple gun and staples
  • Acrylic paints: green, brown
  • Clay-dedicated rolling pin, parchment-lined baking sheet, and oven
  • Hot glue gun and sticks

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, craft knife, black marker, nail file, ruler, paintbrush, paper towel, newspaper (to cover work surface), tape
  • 1. On clean work surface, roll clay to 1/8" thickness. Cut thirty-one 1-1/2" circles. Use stamps to press numbers 1-31 into circles. Follow manufacturer's instructions to bake circles on parchment-lined baking sheet in oven. Let cool.
  • 2. On covered work surface, paint number circles green. Let dry. Apply brown paint on number impression; wipe with paper towel. Let dry.
  • 3. Hot glue magnet onto back of each number circle. Set aside.
  • 4. Remove backing from frames and carefully remove glass. Measure and mark grid pattern for monthly calendar on glass using ruler and black marker. Draw grid pattern on back side of glass. Write days of the week (in abbreviations) backwards along top edge. (Note: By writing on the back of the glass, this ensures that you can write and erase anything on front side of the glass, but your grid and days of the weeks will never wipe off.)
  • 5. Wrap plate metal in burlap; tape edges onto back side of metal. Insert glass back into frame; slide metal backing into frame with burlap showing through glass. Reassemble back of frame. Set aside.
  • 6. Wrap backing of other frame in burlap. Measure and mark seven-day grid for weekly planning and seven-day grid for weekly chores on other piece of glass following process above. Reassemble glass and burlap-covered backing back into frame. Set aside.
  • 7. For bulletin board, wrap soundboard with fabric. Use staple gun to secure fabric edges along back of soundboard. Measure and cut trim into six varying lengths. Use staple gun to attach trim lengths in diagonal pattern on soundboard, adding staple where trim lengths overlap.
  • 8. Hang monthly calendar, bulletin board, and weekly calendar side-by-side on wall. Add monthly magnets on calendar dates. Use black marker to write directly on calendar and glass cleaner to wipe calendar clean as scheduling changes.