Dining in Paradise Table Setting & Recipe

By  Susie Shinseki  for  Duncan Enterprises

  • Dining in Paradise Table Setting
  • Recipe for Guadalajara Grill Guacamole


  • Oh Four Bisque Designer Ware items*: Bowl (25814); Charger (25817); Centerpiece (25818)
  • Concepts Underglazes for Bisque and Majolica*: Light Kiwi; Bright Kiwi; Dark Kiwi; Light Pink; Dark Pink
  • French Dimensions*: Pure White
  • Pure Brilliance Clear Glaze*
  • Courtyard Art Glazes*: Sand


  • Signature Brushes*: Liner, #1; Round, #6; Glaze, 1”
  • Clay carbon paper
  • Foil
  • Pencil
  • Sponge

Pattern - Dining in Paradise Table Setting & Recipe

  • 1. Lightly wipe ware with damp sponge to remove dust or particles.
  • 2. Print and cut out pattern. Use clay carbon paper to transfer pattern to charger. Use pencil to randomly freehand large leaves and flowers on inside and outside of centerpiece and bowl, using photo as guide.
  • 3. Use glaze brush to apply three flowing coats of Sand to ribbed areas on each pieces, letting dry between coats.
  • 4. Place an amount of each color as needed on foil and use round brush to apply three coats as follows: Bright Kiwi: leaves; Light Pink: flowers; Dark Pink: flower centers; Dark Kiwi: backgrounds.
  • 5. Use round brush to shade leaves Light Kiwi, pulling strokes from edge toward center of leaves to create highlights and contours on leaves. Apply three coats, letting dry between coats.
  • 6. Use liner to apply two coats Dark Pink to flower veins.
  • 7. Shake Pure White bottle thoroughly. Apply Pure White dots to flower centers and to veins on leaves. Let dry thoroughly.
  • 8. Use round or glaze brush to carefully apply one coat of clear glaze to flower and leaf areas on each piece. Let dry.
  • 9. Stilt and fire to witness cone 06.