Bible School Planter

By  Michelle Zimmerman  for  AMACO

size: 8"x8"

  • Bible School Planter


  • AMACO White Crea-Stone Carving Compound


  • Large recycled plastic container (with straight sides)

Basic Supplies

  • container for measuring water, aluminum foil, disposable gloves, large zip-lock plastic bag (for mixing)
  • 1. Wearing gloves, measure required amount of Crea-Stone. (Note: You can easily mix two to three pounds of material for medium to large plant pot in one or two large zip-lock plastic bags.) Mix water into product following manufacturer's instructions.
  • 2. Place container upside down on sheet of aluminum foil on work surface. Press 3/4 of Crea-Stone mixture around container to make basic pot shape. Leave small hole in center bottom of pot for drainage. Begin at pot rim and build up sides and base of container.
  • 3. Take egg-sized amounts from remaining Crea-Stone and form into fish or cross shapes; press shapes onto pot sides. Smooth sides of pot.
  • 4. Set pot aside to dry overnight.
  • 5. Lift pot from work surface and brush off any loose Crea-Stone. Set pot on base and allow to dry completely. Carefully remove plastic container.
  • Tip
  • 1. No sealer is needed! When Crea-Stone is completely dry, it is weatherproof and can be enjoyed in the garden.