Beaded Bible Bookmark

By  Brandy Page 

size: 1-1/2"x6"

  • Beaded Bible Bookmark


  • Thin nylon thread
  • Pony beads (or size 8 beads), in colors of choice


  • Needle with small eye
  • Recycled shoebox (or beading loom)

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, ruler or measuring tape

Pattern - Beaded Bible Bookmark

  • 1. To prepare shoebox, make one hole in each side of box on top right corner and on bottom left. Knot thread through one hole to secure. Wrap thread firmly around shoebox 18 times without overlapping strands. Secure thread with knot in second hole. If using loom, prepare it with 18 thread lengths approximately 16" long.
  • 2. Print out pattern.
  • 3. Cut four-yard length of thread. Tie one end to outer thread on loom and thread needle through other end. Following pattern from bottom to top, place 17 beads on needle. Hold beads on needle and position one bead between each thread on loom. Hold beads securely with finger as you pull thread through them. Pass needle back through beads ensuring needle passes over top of loom threads.
  • 4. Repeat process for each row of pattern. When pattern narrows, use two less beads for each row and skip one thread on either edge of bookmark. Make sure to pull thread firmly as you add beads.
  • 5. Continue until you have one bead left at top. Secure thread passing needle back down through bookmark for at least four rows, weaving it in and out of beads to secure. Cut excess thread.
  • 6. Cut bookmark from loom leaving long threads at either end. Braid threads at top of bookmark and finish with overhand knot.
  • 7. To make beaded tassels at bottom of bookmark, thread 10 beads on three strand lengths held together. Add additional beads to one thread; knot to finish. Make 6-8 tassels as desired.
  • Tip
  • 1. Experiment adding various-colored beads to center of bookmark to form different design shapes like hearts, fish, or other simple symbols.