Wedding Ring Centerpiece

By  Diane Flowers  for  Dow Chemical Co.

  • Wedding Ring Centerpiece


  • STYROFOAM brand foam* (Dow): Cube, 5”; Cone, 3”x2”; Flat Wreath, 6”x1-1/4”x5/8”
  • Silver glitter
  • I Do Wedding Collection patterned paper (EK Success): True Love
  • Cream small Ranunculus, 17


  • Floral pins
  • Floral shears
  • Serrated knife
  • Low-temperature hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • MONO adhesive (Tombow)
  • Candle
  • Old box
  • *STYROFOAM is a registered trademark of The Dow Chemical Co.
  • 1. Use pencil to trace sides of foam cube onto paper; cut out.
  • 2. Glue paper to sides of cube.
  • 3. Rub serrated knife across candle for easier cutting. Trim bottom 1/2" from small pointed end of foam cone.
  • 4. Hot glue trimmed cone to top of wreath, creating wedding ring shape.
  • 5. Cover one side of wedding ring with glitter glue and place it inside old box. Sprinkle glitter over entire ring for complete coverage. Let dry. Cover opposite side with glue and sprinkle with glitter. Let dry.
  • 6. Cover outside and inside edges and any other exposed surfaces of ring shape with glue and glitter. Let dry.
  • 7. Use floral pins and hot glue to secure wedding ring to top of cube.
  • 8. Trim Ranunculus stems to approximately 2" long and insert them into top of cube around base of wedding ring.
  • 9. Hot glue stems to top of cube.